Life’s Purpose

Life’s Purpose  is a program that creates culturally competent students by immersing participants within different cultures through cultural competency classes, life skills training and group discussions. Creating cultural competency is a key means of empowering self direction. Participants are asked to discuss the origins of their ancestors as a way to open up cultural dialogue. This dialogue then focuses on personal wants and needs as they relate to the student’s specific culture.  These discussions and analyses will build the cultural awareness and competency necessary to interpret and understand everyday stereotypes.

Each student establishes his or her purpose/mission in life, creates tangible goals for three years and designs a life collage.

To date this program has educated more than 1,855 students.

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Mission in Life

3 Year Goals

Mission / Purpose


“Life’s Purpose” taught me I can be anything in life I want to be. I now set gaols and know how to achieve them.”
Life’s Purpose Student (11 years old), Lantana, Florida, USA

“I learned to live a “good life” I have to live up to my own expectations.”
Life’s Purpose Student (13 years old), Lantana, Florida, USA

“Your program has changed the lives of my students. They loved working with the video cameras and expressing themselves on film. We love for you to work with our children again. Your program changes lives.”
Palm Beach County School Teacher, West Palm Beach, Fl. USA

“Life’s Purpose has helped me to believe in myself. I set life goals and I’m starting to achieve them.”
Life’s Purpose Student (14 Years Old), Lake Park, Fl. USA

“Understanding my mission and purpose in life has helped me understand who I’m and where I’m going in life.” Thank you for not giving up on me.
Life’s Purpose Student (16 Years Old), Riviera Beach, FL, USA

“The (I’m statement) has changed the way I look at myself. I’m going to succeed. Youth Speak Out International is the best. Thank you for caring. ”
Life’s Purpose Student (19 Years Old), SouthSide, Jamaica

“Everyday I wake up and look at the life collage I made in your class it helps me to remember what I need to change in my life.”
Life’s Purpose Student (11 Years Old), West Palm Beach, FL, USA

“It’s amazing how easy its to figure out your mission and purpose in life. I went home and asked my mom and sister to figure it out. Now our whole family is working together. This makes me happy.”
Life’s Purpose Student (12 Years Old), West Palm Beach, FL, US

“I liked going up on stage and having the chance to speak out. It made me feel important. ”
Elementary School Student, (9 years old) West Palm Beach, Florida, USA