Youth Speak Out Television

Youth Speak Out Television is a program that enhances media literacy and educational video production. This community youth enrichment program includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and also provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate and create effective messages in the form of news ready segments. YSO TV builds an understanding of the role media plays in today’s society. Focus is on the comprehension of the essential skills of inquiry along with self-exploration.

YSO TV promotes social learning as students practice and become proficient with the skills of communication, negotiation, and collaboration. All participants have a choice in the type of television programs they create. After the subject topic has been chosen, each production team creates one news story depicting a problem in their community. The driving force behind each news segment is focusing on the solution to each community problem. This problem/ solution ideology gives each student the 21st century skills needed to succeed in todays society.

To date, YSO TV has educated more than 1,640 students.

Video Gallery

Saving the Everglades


Kids & Shoplifting

Earthquake in Haiti


“Your media literacy program fits into our mission to support The School District of Palm Beach County by helping students to understand the media and develop critical thinking skills. The most amazing part of your program is that the students themselves create their own media projects, allowing them to explore and interpret the world around them as they see it.”
Station Manager, The Education Television Network, Florida, USA

“YSO TV is an incredible program for my children. This program is building my daughters self-esteem and allows her to try new technology which is broadening her horizons.”
Elementary School Parent, Riviera Beach, FL, USA

“Your community forum was amazing. I enjoyed seeing the students get up in front of the room and share what they learned. You are creating a better future for our children. Thank you. P.S. It would be an honor to have you work with my children again.”
Local Parent, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA

 I liked being the camera man on YSO TV. Now I can frame my shots and storyboard like a grown up.
Elementary School Student, Lake Worth, FL, USA

YSO TV inspired me to get in front of a video camera and to tell my story. This program made me feel better about myself. ”
Elementary School Student, Riviera Beach, FL, USA

“I learned how to work on a team and feel secure with myself in front of a video camera. Being the anchor woman was the Bomb.”
Middle School Student, Riviera Beach, FL, USA

“Now I know how to stop bullying. This class helped me to feel good about who I’m. I would like to make another video for YSO TV.”
Elementary School Student, West Palm Beach, FL, USA