Through a Creative Lens

Through a Creative Lens (TCL) integrates the objectives of youth study circles and media literacy training. Participants are empowered to make better decisions by analyzing what they see, hear and read in the media. Through this hands-on curriculum, participants identify problematic issues within their community. After the problems have been addressed and researched an action plan is developed. This plan is then turned into self directed media posters or a public artistic mural. This approach is both unique and creative, which allows the youth an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues around specific issues within their community.

Community forums are held where students present their finished media projects to each other, family, friends and professionals within their community. The preparation for this forum focus on public speaking skills, proper presentation of the written word and physical presence, which allows for better performance in front of a large audience. this opens dialogue between students and adults regarding social problematic issues within their communities. A youth panel is formed for a question and answer (Q&A) session. Audience participants are encouraged to reflect on the media presented to form intelligent questions to be addressed by the student media creators. This forum provides an opportunity to inspire social change by enabling viewers to see first hand the diversity within their community.

To date, TCL has educated more than 1,388 students.


This media literacy project has been an eye opening experience for my students. I found the Study Circles to be useful to engage everyone in my class. We welcome your program in our school anytime .”

High School Teacher, Boynton Beach, FL, USA

“We use the posters created by our students in the community. Kids react well to anything created by other kids. Thank you for making a difference in our students.”

Middle School Teacher, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


Placement Posters

J.A.Y. Ministries, Riviera Beach, USA


School District of Palm Beach County, USA

School District of Palm Beach County, USA


Toussaintl'Ouverture School, Boynton Beach, USA

Toussaintl’Ouverture School, Boynton Beach, USA


Rise Science Program, West Palm Beach, USA

Rise Science Program, West Palm Beach, USA

"Choices" Community Mural West Palm Beach,FL, USA

“Choices” Community Mural West Palm Beach,FL, USA