Making The Community Aware

Creating the Community Aware is a program that gives students the tool to look deep into their surrounding communities to identify many age related social problems. These social problems will serve as the inspiration for the students’ media projects. Once these community problems have been identified, participants will use the democratic process to vote for their favorite subject topic. This democratic voting process is a key component to keeping the media projects student driven. Once the topics have been chosen the staff at Youth Speak Out International will guide the students through the research process. Students will use local libraries and internet access to explore the topics of interest and find information that goes beyond what they have access to at school or in their local communities. This research is highly engaging and will tap into the participants’ fluency with 21st Century skills. It also provides the opportunity for students to decide if the information is reliable and news worthy. Creating the Community Aware will create new opportunities for youth to grapple with social norms, explore interests, develop technical skills and experiment with inquiry based learning. To date this program has educated more than 3,850 students.

Video Gallery

Stop Littering


Social Issues

Save Our Water

No Guns No Gangs

Stop Racism

HIV Documentary

Teens & Rap


” I have been bullyed this year in school. Now I know how to protect myself. I learned alot about bullying. Thank you. ”
Elementary School Student, (10 years old) West Palm Beach,Florida, USA

“I’m very proud of my daughter for completing your program. She now understands the media and how to react to it.”
Local Parent, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

“Your program helped me understand my community. I’m very proud of the film we created.”
Media Literacy Student, San Ignacio, Belize
“We looked at all aspects of our country and how we can make it better. Our film, “Jamaica on the Rise” will make a difference in the world.”
Media Literacy Student, South Side, Jamaica
“Your program is helping our inner city students understand how to make their community a better place. Thank you.”
Community Member, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA

Community Engagement