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Costa Rica Going Green

Costa Rica Going Green is a media literacy project current being administered at Escuela Pochotel, in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. All participating 28 students ranging in age from 4yrs old to 16yrs old chose to bring awareness to the need to recycle in their community. Many residents living in this small community don’t have first hand knowledge about the importance of recycling. Wanting to Speak Out the program participants designed and printed large posters that are strategically placed in the community to bring awareness to the problem of the lack of recycling.  A student created Public Service announcement was produced to air on public television in Costa Rica and surrounding countries. All 28 participants are currently completing a twenty minute documentary titled, “Costa Rica Going Green.” This film will be submitted to youth film festivals and will air on public television in Miami, Fl. The staff of Youth Speak Out International will be hosting a red carpet film festival and community forum (Q&A) to showcase this hands-on three year media project. A strong youth created voice is being planted in Costa Rica and recycling canisters and bins are now being used in Playa Hermosa. This is first hand proof that positive media messaging has the power to bring awareness and action to a deep seeded problem in Costa Rica.

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