“The Urban League of Palm Beach County collaborates with this institution of learning to ensure our under served youth have the opportunity to experience the world of media and understand its direct impact. This organization is a testament to the understanding of and sensitivity to the complexity of today’s challenges within youth culture. Their organization is well versed in the area of cultural competency.”
Director of Youth Development, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

“I have seen first hand that all the  students enrolled with Youth Speak Out International’s programs have a positive experience to remember for the rest of their lives. Each student gets a chance to have their voices herd and understand how their opinion matters. This makes all the difference in the world.
Director of Programming WXEL, Boynton Beach, Florida, USA”

“Your media literacy program fits into our mission to support The School District of Palm Beach County by helping students  to understand the media and develop critical thinking skills. The most amazing part of your program is that the students themselves create their own media projects, allowing them to explore and interpret the world around them as they see it.”
Station Manager, The Education Television Network, Florida, USA

“Front Porch Florida has collaborated with Youth Speak Out International to bring media literacy, life skills and self empowerment programs into our neighborhood. Our organization feels it is crucial for our youth to have this type of hands-on program because we live in a media driven society.”
Program Director, Front Porch Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA